How It Works

How It All Works

It really is this simple!

Lifestyle Listings has simplified selling your home.  We find local real estate agents and ask them to discount their commission before they view your home.  We also help monitor your agents performance if you choose our Property Concierge service.

All you have to tell us is:

  • Address and required details
  • Approximate value of your home.

We’ll contact the local real estate agents in your area, withholding your details until you find the right agent at the right price. Your privacy is secure and your contact details are hidden until you choose a local real estate agent.

As further protection, you can choose an Property Concierge.

Lifestyle Listings has property professionals to help manage your agents.

  • Arranging photos and videos before you engage the agent. This shows you’re ready to sell, inciting the biggest discount.
  • Offer a market value of your property.
  • Preparation with your agent’s contract.
  • Your Contract of Sale of your home.
  • Negotiation throughout the process.
  • Protection against agents who pressure you into taking a low offer.
  • Advise on marketing costs and advertising money traps: Auctions
  • Negotiation throughout the process
  • Traps with going to Auction
  • Talk with you on auction day

We ask local agents to discount their commission before revealing your details

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